On Site 24 hour Road Service

About Time On Target

Time on Target Mobile Fleet Service offers on-site mobile road services for the transportation industry only. We strive to provide accurate times of arrival within 60 minutes, quality repairs and courteous, highly experienced service technicians.

Time on Target understands that every minute counts and we strive to provide reliable, superior service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to help you get back on the road as quickly as possible. Why pay for a tow, deal with downtime, then pay again for repairs when we have customized trucks in our fleet that contain everything needed to get you on your way?


Our mission is to be the first provider that comes to mind for nationwide emergency truck road service when our customers have a problem. WE have developed our motto, "Helping Truckers Keep Their Promises," to help explain our forward leaning customer focused orientation. We differentiate ourselves from our competitors with outstanding employees, customer communications, and exceptional 24 hour7 day road side service.

Who We Are

Robert Mandel
Executive Vice President at Time on Target Fleet Services


Robert Mandel started his career in heavy truck repair as a Business Development Manager and Operations Manager for a company serving 21 demographic areas. While learning the business and ways he could help his company succeed, he also witnessed all too often the outcomes of a failed repair: Increased costs and revenue loss to the trucking company who had requested repairs. These failures occurred due to either poorly equipped and under-trained mechanics, or dispatchers routinely providing unrealistic arrival times knowing the mechanic would not meet the promised ETA. These experiences gave him insight into a better way of doing business, one that would allow Breakdown Managers to supervise and administer service to their fleets.

As the Co-Owner and Executive Vice President of Time on Target Fleet Services, Robert focuses on two main areas: Vendor Relations and Operations. He strives to develop a personal business relationship with every client Time on Target provides service to. He makes daily inquiries and “thank-you” calls to clients to show appreciation for their business and ensure that they received the best experience roadside repair can offer. Whether the company is a leader in the business or an owner-operator, Robert works tirelessly to make sure his team of dispatchers and technicians give 100% in every job they undertake.

Jeffrey Voice
Owner and President/ Currently on Military Deployment.


Jeffrey Voice has 27 years of operational experience as a military officer working on complex organizational challenges and project management as a Staff Officer and Leader at multiple levels rising to the rank of full Colonel. He has completed Master’s degree work at the Naval Post Graduate School in Monterey, California where he studied (among other things) complex long chain negotiations, complex operations management and analytical problem solving. He has held senior management positions in sales, marketing and operations in several other business environments ranging from startup companies to established Fortune 500 firms in business process management, telecommunications, data security and consumer products. He is a subject matter expert on business process development and refinement and is a published writer in the area of stability and development in complex and failed environments.